Path Overview

There are 5 ways to awaken to the truth. These different ways chose people from any walks of life. They can be of any temperament personality and creed.

However after enough time seeing the world through your special brand of truth certain traits become apparent.

Acanthus: The Witch / The Fool

The masters of Destiny Acanthus are given the power to seize the helm of time and chance and force the world to become what they need. With there Primary Arcana of Fate and TIme they are suited to helping the future they see deem to be the best come to pass or changing the past to make the future now.

They struggle with the Arcana of Forces will does not make a fire it shall arrive at its appointed time in the story and not a moment before.

Mastigos: The Warlock / The Psychonaut

Masters of Space and the Mind Mastigos are often considered above and aloof and this is not always wrong but when you have enslaved your own vices to do your bidding others falling pray to them do seem a bit weak. And why do people worry so much about getting somewhere when you can travel the tangled web of Sympathy

They struggle with the Arcana of Matter. They struggle to deal with something so firmly rooted in their eyes in the Lie. The truth is more complex than that but most Mastigos never delve much deeper.

Moros: The Alchemist / The Necromancer

The wielders of the Arcana of Death and Matter, the magics of endings and beginnings. Necromances work with the spirits of the dead as well as know the souls of others. They will however correct anyone who says the two things are one and the same. Alchemists deal with the Great Work. They push and pull on it forcing it in to new shapes and forms to suit the needs of that moment.

They struggle with Spirit. What is the need for a shadow realm when Death has its own kingdoms to explore and why does something need a spirit if Matter moves even in the absence of an internal will.

Obrimos: The Thaumaturge/ The Hierophant

The wielders of Prime and Forces. They are considered by some to be the flashiest and least subtle of Mages, and with the ability to cause earthquakes and call fire from the heavens with Forces they are not always wrong. Obrimos however also have power over Prime the very language of Magic allowing them to bring the Truth of the Supernal to this Fallen World.

They struggle with the rcana of Death. They know it is an interruption and not an ending. They however struggle to conceptualise this arcana of stagnation and rot.

Thyrsus: The Shaman / The Hermit

The masters of Life and Spirit a Thyrsus deals with different sides of the same coin. Life makes up everything we eat and what eats us. Shamans honour this and live in life’s primal sensations. They also know that everything in the world has a voice. The Shadow the world next to ours is populated by spirits and old gods. They help remind people of the truth that the Material and Shadow are one.

They struggle with Mind. It is to them a denial of the holistic nature that there arcana allow them to pursue. The minds ability to think of it’s self of individual is a function not a Truth.

Path Overview

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