Orders Overview

Mages being human are innately social beings. This is demonstrated in the fact they are drawn together through ideals and approaches. There are 6 large orders and many other smaller nameless orders. For more indepth info read Mage The Awakening 2nd Ed.

Adamantine Arrow: Challenge is Magical, Existence is War

The oldest and youngest of the Orders. Before the fall of Hitler in 1945 the order would weigh in on different sides of sleeper conflicts aiding the side of there choosing leading to much internal strife. After the destruction of WW2 the leaders of the Arrow reversed there approach. Now the Arrow stand apart from sleeper conflicts to better serve the awakened and aid in the defence of the Diamond / Pentacle from the Throne, Scelesti and The Mad. They see the most honourable thing to serve others. They see a perfection in that and drive for it in all things. They believe that there is combat in all things and that any struggle can be noble.

Guardians of the Veil: Magic is fragile and we keep it safe

The Guardians are by those on the outside of the order considered a secret police. They are not wrong is some regards. They do engage in secret practices that are designed to slap down those who are trying to exceed there reach and reduce the paradox being let in to the world. They follow a set of 6 tenants. 3 known to outsiders and 3 known only to full members. An outsider finding out about the Esoteric tenants normally results in there death.

Mysterium: Magic is Alive, we aim to keep it that way

The Mysterium knows one resounding truth. Knowledge is power and this informs a large amount of there ethos. They are the Mages who will comb through ancient texts from the time before to find the lost temple. They are also those who will shut this knowledge down behind vault doors of Athaniums to keep people not ready to pay the price of learning this knowledge and keep it safe from those who would look to destroy it.

Silver Ladder: Magic is Humanity’s Birthright

The core belief in the ladder is that all souls reach for enlightenment and the Exarchs have chained humanity down with there great Lie. The Ladder aims to make sleepers lives better by bringing them slowly to the Truth and making them more ready to accept it. Through this and a firm belief that there way is the Right way means they tend to lead the Awakend’s conciliums.

The Council of Free Assemblies : Humanity is Magical and we treat it as such

At heart the Free Council fight for Sleepers and Democracy and try and throw of the chains of the Geriocracy they see is the diamond orders status quo. They only truly came to being as a cohesive entity after the great refusal in 1899 where they rejected the seers offer of creating a technocracy in the most violent action in the Nameless war.

Orders Overview

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