Mage Primer

The world you know is a Lie. It is a subtle insidious thing that resonates in the very soul of humanity. It denies humanity from seeing the Truth. Magic is Real.

For some however they manage to shake of the shackles of this lie and Awaken to this Truth. Those who Awaken do so by walking a path to the Supernal Realms where the Truth resides and signing there name on to one of 5 watchtowers. These watch towers give the signatory affinities with the realm they reside and a weakness with the magic there realm has the least influence on. A quick over view of the paths can be found on the Path overview page

This a glorious thing that is Awakening is polluted with the discovery of the biggest secret of all The war for reality has been waged and lost. The world is under the yoke of 10 beings known as the Exarchs since this world began.

Some think they are ancient kings from a time before where a city of mages built a ladder to the heavens and the kings burned it behind them breaking the world in its fall. Others think they are creatures from else when which used these ancient mages as a way to attain true power. All that really matters is that they won and now they world is bound in there shackles and lies. They have agents in this world as well. The Seers of the Throne are there puppets and the favoured of humans slaves.

In this sundering of the world a void was left behind. A vortex of everything the Supernal Realms where not an Abyss of Paradoxical urges that interfere and limit magic in the world now. Some believe the Exarchs brought it in to being others think its what the Exarchs made a deal with to support there Lie. All that really matters is that it exists now between the Fallen and the Supernal and it hates magic being used. It watches from within the soul of every sleeper and strikes when they can see magic or when a mage’s desires exceeds her skills.

But all is not lost. There are groups of mages who work against this. Striving to shake off the shackles of this lie. These 5 orders of Mages sometimes referred to the Pentacle other times as the Diamond orders and the Council of Free Assemblies or by very long lived mages The Diamond Orders and those Nameless scum. A brief overview of the 5 orders can be found on the Orders overview

Mage Primer

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