Caribbean of the 1700's

During the Early 1700s there was a period of time known as the Golden Age of Piracy. This is commonly believed to have taken place from around 1715 to around 1730.

During this time the Pirate City of Nassau rose and fell. Many different pirate lords fought over treasures mundane and magical. The Crowns of Europe fought to bring them in line with the help of the Throne. This was only one facet of the conflict however. There where thousands of petty squabbles fought out amongst the different communities mundane or otherwise all with the same goal: Riches and Power.

The Caribbean itself at this time was a large number of desperate colonies that varied between fiery loyalty for its founding country to those in open rebellion. Most however fall somewhere in the middle with a roaring trade in both legal goods and plundered loot and Governors enjoying the power of a king in there small kingdoms.

However these kingdoms were always coveted by others especially those merchant conglomerates specifically the English East India Trading Company. They worked tirelessly to find the rumoured haven of free trade Nassau. The Thrones agents always making sure there masters have fingers in many different pies has thrown its weight behind the East India Trading Company. The Paternoster ministry have taken the most interest here with cults to Mammon hanging on like bottom feeders.

As already mentioned this was a time of opportunity and Mages operated on all levels ranging from a cabin boy pulling the strings of the captain to a Madam gathering information from her girls to an honourable Mid-midshipman looking to bring his crew to a more enlightened state through learning, But the common thread for all of the mages out here was the mystery of the ‘New World’ mixing with that of the Supernal.

Caribbean of the 1700's

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