Port Royal

The current no mans land of the eternal war between the Diamond and the Pyramid. Where both go to meet and talk as well as a no mans land in the Sleeper world where Pirates and Princes will go to find sea hardened men.

Warehouse 3: A musty old warehouse owned by the Gov’ner of Port Royal and Kingston however is more often used by the Bilge Rats a local gang of cut purses as a meeting place and as safe harbor in rougher weather. This has lead to it being a prime location for the press gangs dragging unsuspecting men on to the awaiting ships.

The Burning Fleet: Owned by former Captain’s First Mate Conner. Any are welcome as long as they are looking for a drink and a dry place to stay if they have the coin. There is also a local fighting pit round the back where men prove there worth. Its rumored that it is a proving ground for hopeful recruits looking to make it on to one of the many pirate vessels floating the Caribbean.

The Kings Market: Where most of the trade and commerce of Port Royal happens. The main issue being that the Gov’ner owns most of the perishable produce coming in and out of the city makes prices high and static.

The Gaol: A rumored roving meeting place for the local secret society. No one really knows where it is or who is a member but every one knows it exists.

The Burned Church: A chard husk of a church on the outskirts of Port Royal bordering the swamp to the north east. It is generally considered haunted. The lights and groaning seen in the middle of the night don’t help matters.

Port Royal

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