Somewhere in the Stratosphere

Story 1.1 Us & Them
The Adventure Begins...

With the wind whipping around them them 3 mages stepped through from England to an unknown mountain top. Belzoni in an attempt to discover who or what his new companions where cast a small tracking spell that was to identify all the life forms on this mountain. It was quickly brought to an end by the paranoid Jean. After introductions were made on the top of the mountain they began investigating in to who this man called Vulcan was and how to find somewhere to stay on the top of this mountain.

They eventually discovered they were stood atop a ban that kept them from sensing and finding the shelter below the snow. After much discussion Every and Jean devised a way of accessing the apparent villa beneath the snow. Having found their way to the house with around 10 feet of snow they make there way inside.

Once inside they find the home is prepared for a long stay. With the bedrooms having been prepared for guests with little chocolates and the pantry fully stocked they were surprised to find no one home. They eventually came across a library full of books. There was one book that was left open asking for the certain items throughout the library that seemed to have no rhyme or reason to the requests. After answering 4 of the books riddles the Mages decided to explore the library and found themselves before a locked door.

Some quick spell work by Every and Jean the door and the staircase beyond was lit with enough light to progress down. After a good 20 minutes of walking they find there way to a small circular chamber with a jagged tear in the air suspended in the center of a circle in the room. They again engaged in examination of this phenomena Jean decided the best course of action was to progress through the gate. She was quickly followed by Every who took a few more precautions. However both vanished without a trace. Belzoni planning ahead a little more prepared an away kit before venturing through the tear in space time and fate. As he stepped through he saw an old man entering the room shouting “Remember the past is but a prologue”

When the light cleared they all found themselves in familiar bodies with memories of there life in the present and also in this time they now find themselves. They know it is the year 1715 and they are in the Caribbean about to enter the golden age of piracy.


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