Jeanne de Crisson



Power Intelligence 2 Strength 3 Presence 3
Finesse Wits 2 Dexterity 2 Manipulation 1
Resistance Resolve 3 Stamina 3 Composure 3


Mental (-3 Unskilled)
Skill Val Spec Rote Notes
Academics 0
Computer 0
Crafts 0
Investigation 1
Medicine 1
Occult 1
Politics 2
Science 0
Enigma 0
Physical (-1 Unskilled)
Skill Val Spec Rote Notes
Athletics 1
Brawl 2
Drive 0
Firearms 3 Heavy A
Larceny 0
Stealth 0
Survival 2
Weaponry 1
Sail 2 Military A
Ride 0
Social (-1 Unskilled)
Skill Val Spec Rote Notes
Animal Ken 0
Empathy 0
Expression 2
Intimidation 3 Rank
Persuasion 2
Socialize 0
Streetwise 0
Subterfuge 1


Death 0
Fate 2
Forces 2
Life 0
Matter 0
Mind 0
Prime 2
Space 0
Spirit 0
Time 0


Order Status 1
High Speech 1
Professional Training (Navy) 2
Direction Sense 1
Indomitable 2
Multilingual 1
Demolisher 2
Hardy 1
Networking Contacts 2
Inspiring 3
Small Unit Tactics 2
Status: Navy 3
Safe Place 3 M1,A1,R1
Hallow 3 M1,A1,R1
Sanctum 3 M1,A1,R1
Library 2 M1,A1


Control Fire Forces 2 Survival pg.
Control Gravity Forces 2 Athletics pg.
Words of Truth Prime 2 Intimidation pg.
Pierce Deception Prime 1 Occult pg.
Fools Rush In Fate 2 Athletics pg.
Shifting the Odds Fate 2 Politics pg.


Control Weather Forces 2 pg.
Environmental Shield pg.

Health: 8/8
Willpower: 6/6
Mana: 10
Wisdom: 7

Size: 5 | Speed: 10 | Defense: 3 | Initiative Mod: 5

Beats: 0/5 | XP: 0
Arcane Beats: 0/5 | Arcane XP: 0

Dedicated Magical Tool: Petrified Wooden Rod
Nimbus: Golden glow, inspire bravery
→ Increase resolve by 1

1. Lead a crew
2. Fire a broadside
3. Capture a man-o-war

1. Discover magic sea creatures

How do you see magic through mage sight?

It goes from a heat haze to blue flame depending on the power of the spell.

What is the pettiest thing you have done with magic?

I used gravity control to float myself above my bunk so I wouldn’t be rolled around by a storm.

What was your first experience of paradox? Did it change how you see risks?

I tried to raise an enemy submarine to the surface using a space mage’s skrying. I overreached and caused a paradox that made the ship rise instead. I broke the spell, the ship dropped and was damaged.
Learned to do more research before tying anything big and to not trust space mages.

Her Life in the Caribbean
Jean has only just arrived in the Caribbean on her majesties vessel Marigold. She has been sailing with a crew and has achieved the position of First mate to the Gunnery commander all whilst hiding her sex from the rest of the crew. First Mate Medows may however have figured her out after an embarrassing incident in the privy.

They Marigold had just caught the pirate vessel Destiny before her memory split in two.

Jeanne de Crisson

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