Power Intelligence 3 Strength 2 Presence 1
Finesse Wits 2 Dexterity 3 Manipulation 2
Resistance Resolve 3 Stamina 2 Composure 4


Mental (-3 Unskilled)
Skill Val Spec Rote Notes
Academics 2 Asset 9-Again
Computer 0
Crafts 0
Investigation 3 Asset 9-Again
Medicine 0
Occult 3 Artefacts
Politics 1
Science 1
Enigma 1 Ciphers
Physical (-1 Unskilled)
Skill Val Spec Rote Notes
Athletics 2
Brawl 0
Drive 0
Firearms 0
Larceny 0
Stealth 0
Survival 2
Weaponry 0
Social (-1 Unskilled)
Skill Val Spec Rote Notes
Animal Ken 1 Exotic
Empathy 2
Expression 1
Intimidation 0
Persuasion 2
Socialize 1
Streetwise 0
Subterfuge 0


Death 0
Fate 1
Forces 0
Life 1
Matter 0
Mind 2
Prime 0
Space 0
Spirit 0
Time 2


Order Status 2
High Speech 1
Professional Training (Curator) 2
Egregore 2
Trained Observer 1
Esoteric Armoury 2
Resources 1
Eidetic Memory 2
Contacts 2 Info Broker, Fence
Artifact 5

— Amulet of Temporal Summoning – Reach +1, Attainment (Temporal Sympathy)

Safe Place 3 M1,A1,R1
Hallow 3 M1,A1,R1
Sanctum 3 M1,A1,R1
Library 2 M1,A1


Psychic Domination Mind 2 Expression pg. 161
Telepathy Mind 2 Empathy pg. 161
Postcognition Time 1 Investigation pg. 187
Choose the Thread Time 2 Occult pg. 187
Cleanse the Body Life 1 Athletics pg. 148
Interconnections Fate 1 Investigation pg. 134


Incognito Presence Mind 2 pg. 160
Web of Life Life 1 pg. 148

Health: 7/7 | Willpower: 7/7 | Mana: 10 | Wisdom: 7

Virtue: Humble | Vice: Stingy

Size: 5 | Speed: 10 | Defense: 4 | Initiative Mod: 7

Beats: 0/5 | XP: 0/2
Arcane Beats: 0/5 | Arcane XP: 0/0

Dedicated Magical Tool: Crystal Coin
Nimbus: Objects & People flicker between past, present & future states.
→ 8-again on investigation

1. Join the Legacy: TBC (Daksha? Unforgotten Scions? Princes of Many Masks?)
2. Go on an adventure
3. Find a Pirate Artefact

1. Find if the Pirate Gods where “Real”.

Belzoni Character Survey

How do you perceive Magic when looking through Mage Sight ?
Similar to my nimbus, I see flickers of the very short past and future of the spell and the affected areas. Though not by enough to be able to change anything.

What is the pettiest thing you have done with magic since Awakening?
Used fate magic in a game of luck to get out of a night shift that was needed at the museum.

What is the greatest good you have performed since Awakening?
Saved a couple of students from a crumbling gargoyle around the university campus. Reverted the statue to a previous point in time, allowing plenty of time to be restored naturally.

What was your first experience of Paradox? Did it change how you see the risks of Magic?
During an early mission in the Mysterium, a youthful cocky mage overreached in an artefact recovery mission, resulting in an abyssal entity forming, the mage being ripped to shit, the artefact being destroyed, and the mission being a complete failure. I need to know my limits, for both my sake, and the safety of others on the mission.

His Life in the Caribbean
Belzoni has found himself as the quartermaster for one of the warehouses the Mayor of Kingston. The main fare going through is warehouse is perishable goods and meats however other less scrupulous goods have been known to be stored there to line his pockets unknown to the quartermaster general or the mayor.

He has no memory of interacting with the other two in this life time however he also clearly remembers the time in the future spent with people.


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